Of course we all know that exercise is paramount to developing a healthy and fit body. However with so many forms of exercise and training programs, which ones work the best? This is all dependent on your goals. You don’t see a body builder spending hours on the treadmill each day. Nor would you see a Sprinter spending hours cutting laps in a swimming pool. Whilst each is still a great way to keep in shape they are not beneficial for the specific goals of the individual.

Tip 1: Define your Goals.

Start from the end and work backwards. Once you know what you are trying to achieve you can decide on the type of exercise that is best going to get you there.


If weight loss is your goal don’t make the mistake of spending each training session alternating between different bits of cardio equipment. Lift weights to build muscle. Studies have shown that 1 pound of muscle will burn up to 50 calories a whilst 1 pound of Fat burns only 6. The more lean muscle mass your body has the more calories your body can burn EVEN AT REST.

TIP 3: Start HIIT Training.

Not only does High Intensity Interval Training Break up the Boredom of exercise, it can compact a session to save you hours in a gym. Plus HIIT training will Boost your metabolism for hours after each session so your body is still working to strip fat long after you have stopped training