The 3rd Major element to any fitness success is Motivation. This isn’t seen as motivation given by a trainer or outside source to make you reach your success. This is your own Motivation for reaching your goals. Why do you want to lose 5 kgs, or Why do you want to be able to run a marathon. Once you understand the WHY and uncover its significance to your life than the How becomes the easy part.

Tip 1: 3 questions to understanding the WHY? (Motivation)

After you decide on a fitness goal it is important to uncover exactly why you are wanting to achieve it, without doing so you can often train aimlessly and without any urgency and your result always seems so far away. Ask yourself these questions

  1. How would my life benefit if I were to achieve my goals.
  2. How would I look and feel when I achieve my goal.
  3. How would my life be if I never started/quit aiming for my goal.

These 3 questions can often produce an emotional response in people especially when the answer to the 3rd question could result in Heart disease/death. However, these answers can often be a very powerful driving force to get people through each training session. Because let’s face it the people who tell you that achieving a body transformation is easy are lying directly to your face.

Health and Fitness is a true passion of every trainer at Trifusion and we want to share this with the wider community. Our trainers will guide you every step of the way to making sure that the fitness dream you have becomes your reality.

We only have one body and while you may think it an impossible task to change it, we are here to break it down into small achievable goals and show you that with a bit of hard work, specific training, timed healthy nutrition and the right motivations, The healthy body you have always wanted is only around the corner.

We have helped hundreds of people in Bayside already but we aren’t stopping there. We want to help 1000’s more. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the healthy and Happy Lifestyle we all deserve to live.