Often overlooked by many trainers when dealing with clients it is paramount to the success of the overall program. Unfortunately, an hour on the treadmill each day cannot overcome a diet of sugary drinks, fast food and skipped meals.

TIP 1: See Food as Energy and Recalibrate your calories.

It often astounds us to hear how many people skip breakfast, have a quick lunch on the go and then gorge out a massive meal for dinner and still manage to think they lead a healthy lifestyle. In the morning when you wake up after 8 hours sleep your body should be screaming for a nutritious breakfast to kick start the energy the body requires for a full day of activity or work.

Then for the rest of the day lunch and snacks should be seen as topping up your energy levels to stay alert and on top of the day’s requirements. Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day as you have nothing to energise yourself for. Let’s face it we don’t burn too many calories sitting down watching TV and lying in Bed.

TIP 2: Start the Day with Fruit not Coffee

When we wake up our blood sugar levels are at our lowest as the body has processed all of your dinner from the night before. It is important to get your blood sugar levels up to optimum levels in order to function at your peak. So in the morning as soon as you wake up grab a small piece of watermelon or pineapple.

Do this even before you get dressed and have it 10 minutes before you have your regular breakfast. This way when you have your regular breakfast 10 minutes later (provided your regular breakfast is a healthy option i.e not sugar loaded) it will stabilise your blood sugar levels and you will be firing on all cylinders from the get-go – No Coffee Necessary.