32 Kilos lost In 1st Week – Trifusion’s 5 Week Challenge

Amazing work for the Trifusion Gang from Bayside/Brighton/Bentleigh and surrounding areas, who have taken part in the New Year, New You, 5 Week Challenge. Kicking off the challenge with a Nutrition evening with guest speaker, naturopath Elissa Eastgate, The 26 challengers were red hot to get real sweaty, eat right and drop some kilos.

1st weeks weigh-ins did NOT DISAPPOINT. With just over 32 kilos lost by the entire group, we saw an average of 1.2 kilos lost across the board. This average was definitely helped out through the amazing efforts of individuals like Millicent Brearley (Dropping 5.1kg) Lachlan Massey (Dropping 4kilos) and Sally Monteith (dropping 3.6kg). Milly managed to pick up 2 premier tickets to the new movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’.

With the weigh-ins for week 2 wrapping up this week we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the challenge holds.

Keep up the great work guys

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