6 Steps to help combat a ‘FESTIVE WEEKEND’

Combat a ‘FESTIVE WEEKEND’ – follow these 6 Steps to help control the amount of Damage you do over a weekend people-drinking.

The Weekend – Also known as the speed humps in any fitness journey. We are more than aware that there is a common misconception that the rules of healthy living don’t really apply on the weekend. That somehow magically our bodies are immune to everything we do or don’t do over the weekend. At least many of us try to prove this phenomenon.

With the Festive season fast approaching, with it comes very social weekends. The AFL Grand Final into Spring Racing Carnival, Christmas parties into warmer weather and social gatherings with friends, it is the perfect recipe for derailing anyone’s health and fitness journey.

Before we write off our social calendar completely, lets share a few tips we at Trifusion Fitness live by, to combat the Damage that can be done over the weekend.

Give Your Metabolism a BOOST – Weather it’s a day event or a night out. It is likely to involve consuming a lot of calories. You can give your metabolism a bit of a kick start by timing exercise as close to the time that you are about to head out for dinner or drinks, i.e. if you are going to dinner at 7pm try and go for a 20 minute hard run or do a 20 minute bodyweight HIIT session at 6pm

Tim Ferris Author of the 4 Hour Body proclaims that a quick trip to the bathroom right before dinner to perform simple body weight exercises like 50 squats and 50 wall pushups in the cubical will give the metabolism a quick spike before you sit down to a big meal. We won’t go, as far as to say you should do that, however it is some food for thought. Bottom line is If your planning a big meal out, plan some exercise right before.

Pre Scan Your Menu – usually a ‘festive weekend’ involves going out for at least one meal, try and do your homework, look up the menu before you get to the restaurant and make your food decisions when your in a better state of mind to choose the healthier options. Also, don’t be afraid to order off the menu. The chef isn’t going to mind if you ask for no chips on the side.

BE ACTIVE THE NEXT DAY– Make sure you get exercise in through the weekend, if you are going to allow yourself a night out on the grog then you can’t let a hangover stop you from training. If you are like the majority of Australians who can easily consume an extra days worth of calories in a night out, you need to really make sure you are active the next day in order to burn them off. Otherwise be prepared to use half of the next weeks training to do the job.

DON’T DRINK TOO MANY CALORIES – when we have our first sit down with members and recommend they retire from alcohol if they want to accelerate their results, the looks we get say it all ‘we all know that’s not going to happen’ so we will be realistic and try and minimize the damage when we do decide to drink.

While the idea of a cocktail or a late night vodka red bull might seem great at the time, they are adding serious calories into your nights consumption. While it doesn’t matter what alcohol you drink in regards to units of alcohol they are all doing the same thing to your body, the added preservatives and mixers that are doing the most harm

  • 1 Pint of Lager = 247 calories
  • 1 Glass of wine = 102 Cal
  • 1 shot of liquor (gin, Vodka, Rum) = approx. 55 calories


  • this jumps up to about 150 – 200 calories if mixed with sprite, coke or any sugar loaded soft drink you can quickly see that for guys having 5 Pints of larger can quickly account for half their daily calories.
  • While 5 glasses of wine will quickly account for 1/4 of daily calories for females.

Bottom line: Space drinks with water, don’t have sugary mixers and limit your beer and wine intake.

STOCK THE FRIDGE FOR THE WEEKEND – One of the main reasons why a hangover day is made 10 times worse is that most people shop for the week at the start of the week. By the time the weekend rolls around the food stores are depleted and the fridge looks bare. This makes the idea of going out to buy food a lot more enticing and more often than not hungover food isn’t healthy food.

MEAL PREP SUNDAY – The Single Best Way to combat a bad weekend is to have an exceptional Week the one after. If you are going to allow yourself a few days of mayhem, you need to rebuild the temple by making sure you are surrounded by good food from Monday onward. Prep a few days worth of meals on the Sunday to make sure you have the best start to the week. Stick to your good proteins and lots of vegetables. The Trifusion Standard is a veg loaded chili con carne or no Rice Chicken Stir Fry. Both recipes can be found in the Lean Body Meal Plan.

Hope this sound advice helps a few of you to combat the damage that can be done over the weekend. Trifusion Trainers are all about having a balanced lifestyle. We will be attending Grand final BBQ’s and heading to the races. We will also won’t skip a beat when it comes to our training. We advise you do the same.

If you are wanting that extra bit of motivation to kick you in to gear after the Grand Final and Caulfield cup race festivities then inquire about our

6 Week Summer Transformation Challenge – starting October 24th and Finishing December 2nd.

Yours in health

The Trifusion Fitness Team

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