Beat Post Holiday Blues by Getting Into Shape!

If you are like many who decided to flee Melbourne in this long unbearably cold Winter to head to the farer temperate areas of Sunny QLD or Bali, then you are probably now going through the post holiday blues that inevitably follows it. Returning to Melbourne to see that nothing has changed and the cold is still here. Your regular routine of exercise and healthy food has been disturbed by happy hour cocktails, late evenings and even later sleep ins.

If you are like me who tends to be an all in kind of guy, you probably over-ate, over drank and the bathroom scales aren’t being as kind as they were pre holiday.
Well there are a couple of options. You can put everything on hold for another couple of weeks and really set yourself back, or you can shake it off and follow these few easy steps to combat the Post Holiday Blues and Get yourself back into Tip Top Shape.

1. Plan Your Routine.

I often bring this up with new members. The people who succeed best in our programs be it Personal Training or group training, are the not the people who have the best discipline (although this helps), they are the people who have the ability to set themselves into a good routine. How hard is it to get yourself to work? or the kids to school? Or uni? or whatever you get yourself up for in the morning? I bet you hardly ever have to think about it anymore. I bet you are almost on autopilot for the first part of the morning. You have gone through your morning routine so often that it has become habit. This is how you need to approach your training and nutrition. First set your workout times. If you know work often runs late and training at night becomes tough, don’t plan on working out in the afternoon. It doesn’t take long to become a ‘morning person’ If your overall result is important to you, you will find a way to make it routine.

This is an important process to do during the last couple of days of being away. That way you don’t waste a week or two contemplating getting back into regular exercise and getting into shape, and lets face it the sooner you get back into normal routine the less time you have to think about the previous weeks where you were sitting by a pool drinking margaritas at 11am.

2. Re Stock the Fridge QUICK!

This is super important. Unless you sit in the 1% of people who are really strict with their eating while they are away (no fun at all) you have been a little ‘relaxed’ (to put it nicely) on what you were eating and drinking on your holiday. The worst thing you can do is come back from a couple of weeks holiday having no food in the fridge and leaving it that way for the first week back. You then buy all your meals out (spend a fortune) and make poor food choices.
Coming back from a big holiday doesn’t mean you need to find the next famous celebrity juice diet or live off lemon water and sunlight for the next few weeks while getting into shape. Simply fill the fridge with HEAPS of vegetables and seasonal fruits and make some good old fashioned home cooked whole food meals for the weeks ahead.

3. Set Some Goals

You have allowed yourself to have a good time while you are away so now its time to set yourself some manageable and achievable short term and long term goals. If you have put on a couple of kilos while you are away, then thats a good start. If you feel like you have put on a few kilos however are too scared to actually weigh yourself then I have news for you. You cant achieve a goal if you don’t have your benchmark.

We hear this one all the time, I don’t want to weigh myself after a holiday lets wait 3 weeks and check in when I have lost a little bit. If you don’t check in with yourself post holiday to see where you are it is impossible to set realistic goals and you’ll struggle getting into shape.

4. Find an Accountability partner

This is a big one. If you have someone to keep you accountable to your goals and the routine you have set yourself then you are more likely to stick to it. The If you have a buddy that is expecting you to show up at the gym then you are going to do whatever you can to get there as you don’t want to let your buddy down. Its an odd personality trait however, most people are less inclined to let down someone else as everyone worries about what other people are going to think about them. However when it comes to keeping ones self accountable we have no issues with letting ourselves down. We can alway rationalise the situation to make it seem ‘not so bad’. If you can’t find yourself an accountability or training buddy then set yourself up with an EXCELLENT Personal Trainer, who cares about how they can best help you and will stop at nothing to help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself…. We know of a few ?

IN SUMMARY Going on holidays shouldn’t set you back from your health and fitness goals. If going on holiday has helped you to realise that your body isn’t in the shape that it once was or the shape that you would like it to be, then take the necessary steps to move yourself in the right direction. If you aren’t sure where to start, these 4 steps should start you off nicely

If you are too busy and are looking for a training, nutrition and support program to help getting into shape through the initial stages then look into Trifusion’s 6 Week ‘Summer Shred’ Body Transformation Program

You can check it out at the Link Below

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will be posting up some actual sessions that we do while on holiday to help you to ‘minimise the damage’ that you can do when you are on holiday.

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