Beat Post-Holiday Blues by Getting Into Shape!

If you are like many who decided to flee Melbourne in this long unbearably cold Winter to head to the fairer temperate areas of Sunny QLD or Bali, then you are probably now going through the post-holiday blues that inevitably follows it. Returning to Melbourne to see that nothing has changed and the cold is still here. Your routine of exercise and healthy food has been disturbed by happy hour cocktails, late evenings and even later sleep-ins.

If you are like me who tends to be an all in kind of guy, you probably over-ate, over drank and the bathroom scales aren’t being as kind as they were pre-holiday. Well, there are a couple of options. You can put everything on hold for another couple of weeks and set yourself back, or you can shake it off and follow these few easy steps to combat the Post Holiday Blues and Get yourself back into Tip Top Shape.

1. Plan Your Routine.

I often bring this up with new members. The people who succeed best in our programs be it Personal Training or group training are the not the people who have the best discipline (although this helps), they are the people who can set themselves into a good routine. How hard is it to get yourself to work? Or the kids to school? Or uni? Or whatever you get yourself up for in the morning? I bet you hardly ever have to think about it anymore. I bet you are almost on autopilot for the first part of the morning. You have gone through your morning routine so often that it has become a habit. This is how you need to approach your training and nutrition. First set your workout times. If you know, work often runs late and training at night becomes tough, don’t plan on working out in the afternoon. It doesn’t take long to become a ‘morning person’ If your overall result is important to you, you will find a way to make it routine.

This is an important process to do during the last couple of days of being away. That way you don’t waste a week or two contemplating getting back into regular exercise and getting into shape, and let us face it the sooner you get back into normal routine, the less time you have to think about the previous weeks where you were sitting by a pool drinking margaritas at 11 am.

2. Re-Stock the Fridge QUICK!

This is super important. Unless you sit in the 1% of people who are really strict with their eating while they are away (no fun at all) you have been a little ‘relaxed’ (to put it nicely) on what you were eating and drinking on your holiday. The worst thing you can do is come back from a couple of weeks holiday having no food in the fridge and leaving it that way for the first week back. You then buy all your meals out (spend a fortune) and make poor food choices.

Coming back from a big holiday doesn’t mean you need to find the next celebrity juice diet or live off lemon water and sunlight for the next few weeks while getting into shape. Simply fill the fridge with HEAPS of vegetables and seasonal fruits and make some good old fashioned home cooked whole food meals for the weeks ahead.

3. Set Some Goals

You have allowed yourself to have a good time while you are away so now its time to set yourself some manageable and achievable short-term and long-term goals. If you have put on a couple of kilos while you are away, then that’s a good start. If you feel like you have put on a few kilos, however, are too scared to actually weigh yourself then I have news for you. You cant achieve a goal if you don’t have your benchmark.

We hear this one all the time, and I don’t want to weigh myself after a holiday lets wait three weeks and check in when I have lost a little bit. If you don’t check in with yourself post-holiday to see where you are it is impossible to set realistic goals and you’ll struggle to get into shape.

4. Find an Accountability partner

This is a big one. If you have someone to keep you accountable to your goals and the routine you have set yourself then you are more likely to stick to it. Then, if you have a buddy that is expecting you to show up at the gym then you are going to do whatever you can to get there as you don’t want to let your buddy down. It’s an odd personality trait however, most people are less inclined to let down someone else as everyone worries about what other people are going to think about them. However, when it comes to keeping one’s self-accountable we have no issues with letting ourselves down. We can always rationalise the situation to make it seem ‘not so bad’. If you can’t find yourself an accountability or training buddy then set yourself up with an EXCELLENT Personal Trainer, who cares about how they can best help you and will stop at nothing to help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself…. We know of a few?

IN SUMMARY, Going on holidays shouldn’t set you back from your health and fitness goals. If going on holiday has helped you to realise that your body isn’t in the shape that it once was or the shape that you would like it to be, then take the necessary steps to move in the right direction. If you aren’t sure where to start, these four steps should start you off nicely

If you are too busy and are looking for training, nutrition and support program to help to get into shape through the initial stages then look into Trifusion’s 6 Week ‘Summer Shred’ Body Transformation Program.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will be posting up some actual sessions that we do while on holiday to help you to ‘minimise the damage’ that you can do when you are on holiday.

The Most Important Step You’ve Missed for Fat Loss

I consistently feel conflicted about sharing weight loss articles with you.

I come from a strong standpoint that our body does NOT define who we are. That our happiness is absolutely NOT determined by how we look and that HEALTH, definitely doesn’t look a certain way.
In saying this, as a nutritionist, personal trainer and advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I truly believe that being at our healthiest weight is not only important for our physical health but also mental and emotional.

I’m not here to advocate weight loss, I’m here to share my knowledge and experience and perhaps give you a small piece of insight into creating life (and body) you love.

My fitness studio is currently amidst a 6-week Transformation Challenge. A challenge with the goal of, well transformation, but also of implementing real lifestyle changes to carry on into LIFE, well beyond the 6 weeks.
But it’s had me thinking… A number of clients have spoken to me about what it would take to truly transform their bodies.
Sure, there’s motivation in a regimented and supported challenge, however many of these clients have been training in the studio, some for a number of years, and still aren’t where they want to be physically.

Perhaps you’re in the same situation? You’ve been training for a while, but really, aren’t in the body you imagine you should have for the work you put in.

So you want to get leaner?

To be transparent, so do I. I mean, I’m pretty happy with how my body sits these days, but let’s be honest, there’s always room for improvement. Even inside of the self-love movement, where yes, I wholly and completely appreciate my body for where it’s at, however, I’m not sure there are many people out there who would truthfully say they don’t care about how their body looks. And if there are, I’d doubt they’re reading this article.
Also, caring about the way you look (and FEEL), doesn’t make you a bad person you know!

My body journey has been a tumultuous one. Weight up and down and all over the place, this diet, that diet, exercise addition, detoxification addiction, fasting, starvation, binging, emotional eating and even a stint with bulimia.

Perhaps you can relate to this ‘mess’?

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of research around fat-loss and realised that you actually don’t need to know every trick in the book to get the basics right. However, the basics are a little more involved than what we just eat and how we move.

These are my top tips for fat loss, that will work for anyone, but from personal and professional experience, they are especially true for women wanting to let go of extra body fat and create their dream body (and life).

Maybe that’s you?

1. Get clear on your goal

Be specific about it. Some wishy-washy, far off, abstract suggestion, will not do. Lose weight is not specific. Be exact about what you want to achieve, and by when. Decide on how you will measure your progress and how you will reward yourself with stepping-stone markers along the way. Personally, I don’t like the scale and think it’s a misleading way to measure progress, you might instead want to choose an item of clothing. I would also recommend against using food as a reward, but rather to choose things like massage, new trainers, a book etc.

2. Know your WHY

This is perhaps the key to it all.

You will never achieve any goal in life if you don’t know why you want it.

Wanting to look hot, impress others or to simply convince yourself that you’ve ‘made it’, are not reasons for creating change. You’re why is about why this goal is truly important to you.

I recommend doing some writing/journaling on this question.

Ask yourself why it’s important, why it’s really REALLY important.

Be real with yourself.

Get to the core. If there is no core, maybe it isn’t really that important and that’s ok. Then it’s better to stop fighting for something that deep down, you don’t really care about and will therefore never actually reach. Instead, focus your energy on things you would truly die for.

You’ll likely find that you’re deeper why isn’t about weight at all.

3. Nutritional success

Perhaps as a nutritionist, I’m biased, but next after getting clear on your goal and why you need to set yourself up for nutritional success. If you need help on what to be eating, then you should seek that advice, but at a basic level, choose clean proteins, good fats, lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Knowing what to eat and actually eating it can be two different things, however, if you don’t know where to start with the right kinds of foods, you need to get informed.

4. Move. More

Weight train at least twice per week, preferably 4. If you want to include cardio, short interval style training 1-3 per week are ideal.

Include yoga, relaxation or stretching once a week, this can even be done at home. Weight training and intervals are the two best ways to work with body composition.

In saying that, the best kind of exercise is the one you’re actually going to do. If you love Zumba, do that.

5. Supplements for fat loss

There are a lot of supplements (and a lot of scams) out there and the short answer is that if they truly worked, diet and exercise would be irrelevant, right? The things to know is that you have to get diet, exercise and mindset right first! There are a few supplements I do recommend, for example, omega 3 fatty acids, but be careful about what you buy. Many brands are heat treated and already rancid sitting on the shelf in the pharmacy.

Other supplements can be effective on a per case basis, as of course, everybody is different. As a blanket rule, I would stay away from anything off the shelf that is telling you it’s the “number 1 fat-loss supplement”. They don’t exist and can be extremely dangerous.

6. Digestion and detoxification

The number 1 supplement for fat-loss is actually a really boring one – it’s water. Our bodies are made up of toxins. Ideally, your diet is full of fibre from plenty of vegetables, but water is key to help move the fibre through and sweep out all the toxins! To ‘detox’ you need nutrition (food and a high-quality food-based multivitamin) but you also need water to actually help remove the toxins from the body. This might be one of the most effective ‘secret’ fat-loss weapons out there.

7. Rest

A lack of sleep and too much stress cause a rise in the stress hormone cortisol, which causes an increase in fat storage, particularly belly fat. This is among many, MANY other detrimental effects of high cortisol levels. You can’t be burning the candle at both ends and expect to look (or feel) your best.

8. Consistency

The people who achieve lasting results aren’t always the people who know the most. They are the ones who are consistent. Consistency depends little on motivation or discipline, but all on knowing your ‘why’ and being clear on your goal. Go back to point 1 & 2. When you have these two things in place, you’ll find that consistency becomes automatic and effortless.

9. Mindset

This is the most important aspect when it comes to fat-loss, especially for lasting results.
If you believe you will achieve the results, guess what? You will.
Unfortunately most people who wish to change their bodies never take the time to set a specific goal or to figure out their underlying motivation and as a result, have no true emotional connection to making the change a reality.
Pair this alongside many common beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy” and it will simply be impossible to achieve any goal, no matter how well you follow the nutrition and exercise rules.

Here’s the thing…

You CAN be, do and have anything you want in your life.
You ARE good enough.
You deserve nothing but the best in life, simply because you were born to live an incredible life.
Not a single one of us was born destined to be unhappy, mediocre, overweight, broke, miserable.

We are born to be incredible.
To change our lives and the world around us.

YOU are born to be incredible.

Changing your body begins in your mind. It begins with a decision that is definite and committed. But you have to have the mindset and belief to keep the ball rolling.

How do you build the mindset?
Simply choose.
Simply decide right now to start believing you are good enough. Worthy enough.

It’s that simple.

Notice I didn’t say easy.

Writing it down and saying it aloud will speed up the shift in your mind, and you don’t even have to believe what you’re saying to yourself at first, but you do have to start affirming it.

You’ll notice that the things you believe about yourself, are the things you constantly tell yourself.

“I’m not good at this”, “I can’t do that”, “I never do this thing”…

Whatever you tell yourself enough, you will believe.

So instead –

Every day saying things to yourself like “I am good enough”.

“I am worthy”

“I deserve this”

“I choose foods that nourish me, make me stronger and healthier”

“I am getting fitter every day”

I promise you, if you take one thing away from this post, make it this –

Get your head right, and the rest will follow.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve had it with what you’re doing (or not doing), and know something needs to change, be it around your movement, food or mindset, then send me a message to find out more about how I work with my clients to help them create a life and body they love.

I currently have 3 spaces that have opened up to work with me one-on-one through my Strong Mind, Strong Body program.

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready for;

  • More energy
  • Feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin
  • Putting the lid on sabotaging behaviours around food and self-talk
  • Building strength and flexibility


Ultimately, you KNOW you were made for more than what you currently have –

Send me a message and let’s discuss the best option for you.

Perhaps you have the training down pat but need some help with food, or maybe you feel like food is under control but have no idea where to start with exercise…
OR – You feel like you have the food AND exercise under the thumb but can’t seem to crack your goals – I’d suggest this is the mindset area!
Programs are available face to face in Bayside, Melbourne and online.

As always, thank you for reading. If you know someone who would get value from this article, please share it across.

Liora Levin
0418 144 420
Nutritionist (BHSc.) | Personal Trainer (CPT)

Note From Trifusion Fitness – While Liora is a qualified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, it is her dedication, support and overall uplifting personality that sets her apart. Liora’s ability to inspire those she works with to believe in themselves is what facilitates amazing results.

If you are struggling through your own fitness journey, we couldn’t recommend Liora more highly. Get in touch and sit down and have a chat. We can all do amazing things with amazing people in our corner!

7 ways to stick to your New Year Resolution

Ok so it’s January! A New Year. YEOW 2017 is THE Year! Your pumped, you’ve given yourself the pep talk and your already picturing yourself in your new outfit, turning heads and receiving numerous complements from friends about your new found figure.

You even Allowed yourself to have those extra few drinks and desserts over Xmas and new year because your just KNEW that once 12:01 new years day ticked over everything was going to change for the better and change for the healthier

So why is it that most people on that New Year health kick lose the motivation somewhere between Jan 1st and Feb 1st.

Right now you’re probably in your active stage, you still have your motivation, so it is SUPER IMPORTANT that you stick with it.

Follow these tips to make sure you stick to your new years Resolution.

Set Measurable Goals

Its not enough to just say I want 2017 to be my healthy year. You need to be able to gauge weather or not you are on track. If you have a weight loss goal, write down the number and set yourself targets.

Its not enough to just say I want to be fitter. How do you know you aren’t fit. What is it that you cant do now that you want to be able to do. It could be as simple as take the stairs at work in one charge without shortness of breath. It could be running 5km. It could be entering a triathlon. If you don’t set the goal out to begin with you wont know how to train for it and you wont know if you are ever on track to achieving it.

Be Realistic

Be honest with yourself, in most circumstances it has taken years of rationalizing poor nutrition choices and inactivity that has led to weight gain and lack of fitness. You can’t expect everything to turn around in a month or 2.

Even Slow progress is still progress. Too many people quit their New Year resolution because they feel that it isn’t working and they fall back to their old habits. The only certainty that you do know is that your old habits are working against you. Be happy with any progress you make

Look at the BIGGER Picture

The most common way for people to attack a new year resolution of ‘becoming healthier’ and ‘losing weight’ is to fix a little bit of column A (Exercise) and a little bit of column B (Nutrition) While this may be enough to work its often not the only two things that have lead to your decline in health over the years. Its time to look at the overall picture here.
Address Stress, Get more Sleep, do something each day that makes you happy, Spend more time with family and friends, Get out in the sun. This may seem like hocus-pocus kind of stuff but I guarantee you that when you are less Stressed, well rested and Happier you will lose weight and reshape your body FASTER.

Ask for Help


If you are overwhelmed by the magnitude of your situation, if you would love nothing more than to be able to be fitter, healthier and happier, however you just don’t know where to start, ASK FOR HELP. Find a training buddy. If you cant find one, Find a trainer. Time is precious people; don’t let another year go by without getting your arse into gear.

The most common thing we hear from the people we have helped is ‘why didn’t I do it sooner.’ We have helped even the biggest exercise cynics become dead set fanatics. Everything will happen so much faster if you are training and eating in line with the overall goal you are trying to achieve.

Don’t compare yourself to others

You have to realize that everyone is different. Not everyone will lose weight at the same speed or build strength at the same rate. If you went through a transformation several years earlier it would even be wrong to compare yourself to the younger you. As you get older things can happen a little slower. Stick to course and don’t be let down if others are progressing faster. If you are giving it your all and are making progress then it is happening as quickly as it is meant to

Reward yourself

This is very important. You need to acknowledge your achievements. Allow yourself rewards along the way. Be sensible. Don’t reward yourself for losing 5 kilos by having a big boozy dinner out. Rather buy yourself that new outfit that you have been wanting. Or even better take yourself on an outing or active experience that you have always wanted to do.

Don’t be in a rush

This is one of the most important points I can make. If you try to rush things you will make the mistake of following an unmanageable path. It is true you will lose weight quickly if you starve yourself and exercise like an athlete. However, by trying to rush it you will also rush yourself into break down. What’s the point in being lighter if you are more miserable? If you over train and under eat in order to get fit quickly, you will be a lethargic, moody zombie and no one will want to hang out with you. Trust me I’ve been there.

Slow and steady wins this race. Between 400g – 1kg of weight loss per week is a healthy amount to lose. What’s more, it’s maintainable

I hope this helps you wrap your head around what it takes to succeed in your New Year Resolution to become fitter and healthier. It really is so much more than just eating better and exercising more. While these are the catalysts of a healthier living you have to ask yourself, if it was as simple as that, why haven’t you succeeded before? Take control of your mindset, set yourself a plan, be realistic and don’t be in a rush. Most importantly if you are unsure of what you are doing or you lack the motivation, seek advice from those who live for it.

If you are lacking the motivation or are a little overwhelmed by the different training and nutrition information out there, or simply just don’t know where to start, feel free to get in contact with the team at Trifusion Fitness. We have all of your training, Nutrition and Motivation sorted.

New Year New You, Transformation Challenge

  • Starts 13th Feb 2017
  • Unlimited Training
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Motivational Challenges
  • Unlimited Trainer Support
  • Cash Prizes for Best Transformation

Good luck and we hope you have the Healthiest 2017

6 Steps to help combat a ‘FESTIVE WEEKEND’

Combat a ‘FESTIVE WEEKEND’ – follow these 6 Steps to help control the amount of Damage you do over a weekend people-drinking.

The Weekend – Also known as the speed humps in any fitness journey. We are more than aware that there is a common misconception that the rules of healthy living don’t really apply on the weekend. That somehow magically our bodies are immune to everything we do or don’t do over the weekend. At least many of us try to prove this phenomenon.

With the Festive season fast approaching, with it comes very social weekends. The AFL Grand Final into Spring Racing Carnival, Christmas parties into warmer weather and social gatherings with friends, it is the perfect recipe for derailing anyone’s health and fitness journey.

Before we write off our social calendar completely, lets share a few tips we at Trifusion Fitness live by, to combat the Damage that can be done over the weekend.

Give Your Metabolism a BOOST – Weather it’s a day event or a night out. It is likely to involve consuming a lot of calories. You can give your metabolism a bit of a kick start by timing exercise as close to the time that you are about to head out for dinner or drinks, i.e. if you are going to dinner at 7pm try and go for a 20 minute hard run or do a 20 minute bodyweight HIIT session at 6pm

Tim Ferris Author of the 4 Hour Body proclaims that a quick trip to the bathroom right before dinner to perform simple body weight exercises like 50 squats and 50 wall pushups in the cubical will give the metabolism a quick spike before you sit down to a big meal. We won’t go, as far as to say you should do that, however it is some food for thought. Bottom line is If your planning a big meal out, plan some exercise right before.

Pre Scan Your Menu – usually a ‘festive weekend’ involves going out for at least one meal, try and do your homework, look up the menu before you get to the restaurant and make your food decisions when your in a better state of mind to choose the healthier options. Also, don’t be afraid to order off the menu. The chef isn’t going to mind if you ask for no chips on the side.

BE ACTIVE THE NEXT DAY– Make sure you get exercise in through the weekend, if you are going to allow yourself a night out on the grog then you can’t let a hangover stop you from training. If you are like the majority of Australians who can easily consume an extra days worth of calories in a night out, you need to really make sure you are active the next day in order to burn them off. Otherwise be prepared to use half of the next weeks training to do the job.

DON’T DRINK TOO MANY CALORIES – when we have our first sit down with members and recommend they retire from alcohol if they want to accelerate their results, the looks we get say it all ‘we all know that’s not going to happen’ so we will be realistic and try and minimize the damage when we do decide to drink.

While the idea of a cocktail or a late night vodka red bull might seem great at the time, they are adding serious calories into your nights consumption. While it doesn’t matter what alcohol you drink in regards to units of alcohol they are all doing the same thing to your body, the added preservatives and mixers that are doing the most harm

  • 1 Pint of Lager = 247 calories
  • 1 Glass of wine = 102 Cal
  • 1 shot of liquor (gin, Vodka, Rum) = approx. 55 calories


  • this jumps up to about 150 – 200 calories if mixed with sprite, coke or any sugar loaded soft drink you can quickly see that for guys having 5 Pints of larger can quickly account for half their daily calories.
  • While 5 glasses of wine will quickly account for 1/4 of daily calories for females.

Bottom line: Space drinks with water, don’t have sugary mixers and limit your beer and wine intake.

STOCK THE FRIDGE FOR THE WEEKEND – One of the main reasons why a hangover day is made 10 times worse is that most people shop for the week at the start of the week. By the time the weekend rolls around the food stores are depleted and the fridge looks bare. This makes the idea of going out to buy food a lot more enticing and more often than not hungover food isn’t healthy food.

MEAL PREP SUNDAY – The Single Best Way to combat a bad weekend is to have an exceptional Week the one after. If you are going to allow yourself a few days of mayhem, you need to rebuild the temple by making sure you are surrounded by good food from Monday onward. Prep a few days worth of meals on the Sunday to make sure you have the best start to the week. Stick to your good proteins and lots of vegetables. The Trifusion Standard is a veg loaded chili con carne or no Rice Chicken Stir Fry. Both recipes can be found in the Lean Body Meal Plan.

Hope this sound advice helps a few of you to combat the damage that can be done over the weekend. Trifusion Trainers are all about having a balanced lifestyle. We will be attending Grand final BBQ’s and heading to the races. We will also won’t skip a beat when it comes to our training. We advise you do the same.

If you are wanting that extra bit of motivation to kick you in to gear after the Grand Final and Caulfield cup race festivities then inquire about our

6 Week Summer Transformation Challenge – starting October 24th and Finishing December 2nd.

Yours in health

The Trifusion Fitness Team

9557 7676