So these questions are really common within our industry and they are often ones that are over complicated, especially if you are just your average Joe or Jane who is wanting to be a little fitter, drop a little bit of weight and has no aspirations of representing their country in the Olympics or the Hawaiian Ironman

So in the spirit of the mini blog I’m going to provide a few drops of knowledge for you to ad to your morning coffee.


I heard an interview recently with a well position body builder and trainer who nailed this response when asked this very question. The answer was as simple as it is correct.
Answer – “The One You’re Actually Going to Do!!!!!”


If you are just starting out your journey and you hate running, don’t run. There are plenty of other options for you, lift weights, swim, Ride, Pilates, Play a sport. Find something you mildly enjoy and do it regularly. In the beginning it’s more about the quantity and frequency than the type of exercise

Side note: Because I know all the exercise science and fitness gurus who just read this choked a little on their coconut turmeric lattes.
Once your goals become a little more specific then your training will need to become more specific, and so too does your volume of training.

So this brings us to the 2nd Part of the Question


This is a really loaded question as there are so many variables. It depends on what type of exercise you are doing, what your goal is that you want to achieve, as well as the intensity of the exercise. If you are weight training, how much time is actually spent lifting and how much of it is setting up the lighting for your next instagram post.
Lets just say that most people are over estimating the calories they burn each session and are under shooting their volume of training. If you want to achieve any significant results regardless of weight loss, muscle gain or performance based, generally, more is better. If you are like the many people out their following all the instafits out there that say they achieved the body they have now from only 7 minute workouts or strictly diet based, I can let you in on a little secret. They are full of shit. They may maintain their fine rig with shorter sessions, however they got to where they are by putting in the work.
Take home note for anyone starting out with Trifusion Fitness or any other training.

1. Don’t overestimate the amount of work you are doing. If you are expecting massive results in short amounts of time off a mere 2-3 sessions a week, you are going to be a little disappointed at the end.

2. When you start training, become regular. Set yourself a goal of attending 4-5 sessions per week, EVERY WEEK for the next 6-8 weeks. You will find it tough to begin with however it will get easier each time and you will achieve lasting results that you can be proud of.

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are on your own journey. Who cares if it takes a little longer than the next person. If you stick with it and put in the work you will only move yourself in the right direction.

4. WORK! WORK! WORK! when you are training. If you are getting the reps and sets done easily on a certain exercise, it is time to increase the weight. BE honest with yourself. Are you actually pushing yourself as hard as you need to be or you could?

As always if you have any questions. keep them to yourself we aren’t here to help you at all …. no wait the opposite.
Come see us, call us,text us follow Jono home at night and knock on his door at all hours. We are more than willing to help. If ever things become overwhelming or you feel like it isn’t ‘working’ sometimes a quick 10-15minute chat can put things in perspective and get you back on track. I know a few current members who we have gone through this recently and they are now kicking goals again.

Beat Post Holiday Blues by Getting Into Shape!

If you are like many who decided to flee Melbourne in this long unbearably cold Winter to head to the farer temperate areas of Sunny QLD or Bali, then you are probably now going through the post holiday blues that inevitably follows it. Returning to Melbourne to see that nothing has changed and the cold is still here. Your regular routine of exercise and healthy food has been disturbed by happy hour cocktails, late evenings and even later sleep ins.

If you are like me who tends to be an all in kind of guy, you probably over-ate, over drank and the bathroom scales aren’t being as kind as they were pre holiday.
Well there are a couple of options. You can put everything on hold for another couple of weeks and really set yourself back, or you can shake it off and follow these few easy steps to combat the Post Holiday Blues and Get yourself back into Tip Top Shape.

1. Plan Your Routine.

I often bring this up with new members. The people who succeed best in our programs be it Personal Training or group training, are the not the people who have the best discipline (although this helps), they are the people who have the ability to set themselves into a good routine. How hard is it to get yourself to work? or the kids to school? Or uni? or whatever you get yourself up for in the morning? I bet you hardly ever have to think about it anymore. I bet you are almost on autopilot for the first part of the morning. You have gone through your morning routine so often that it has become habit. This is how you need to approach your training and nutrition. First set your workout times. If you know work often runs late and training at night becomes tough, don’t plan on working out in the afternoon. It doesn’t take long to become a ‘morning person’ If your overall result is important to you, you will find a way to make it routine.

This is an important process to do during the last couple of days of being away. That way you don’t waste a week or two contemplating getting back into regular exercise and getting into shape, and lets face it the sooner you get back into normal routine the less time you have to think about the previous weeks where you were sitting by a pool drinking margaritas at 11am.

2. Re Stock the Fridge QUICK!

This is super important. Unless you sit in the 1% of people who are really strict with their eating while they are away (no fun at all) you have been a little ‘relaxed’ (to put it nicely) on what you were eating and drinking on your holiday. The worst thing you can do is come back from a couple of weeks holiday having no food in the fridge and leaving it that way for the first week back. You then buy all your meals out (spend a fortune) and make poor food choices.
Coming back from a big holiday doesn’t mean you need to find the next famous celebrity juice diet or live off lemon water and sunlight for the next few weeks while getting into shape. Simply fill the fridge with HEAPS of vegetables and seasonal fruits and make some good old fashioned home cooked whole food meals for the weeks ahead.

3. Set Some Goals

You have allowed yourself to have a good time while you are away so now its time to set yourself some manageable and achievable short term and long term goals. If you have put on a couple of kilos while you are away, then thats a good start. If you feel like you have put on a few kilos however are too scared to actually weigh yourself then I have news for you. You cant achieve a goal if you don’t have your benchmark.

We hear this one all the time, I don’t want to weigh myself after a holiday lets wait 3 weeks and check in when I have lost a little bit. If you don’t check in with yourself post holiday to see where you are it is impossible to set realistic goals and you’ll struggle getting into shape.

4. Find an Accountability partner

This is a big one. If you have someone to keep you accountable to your goals and the routine you have set yourself then you are more likely to stick to it. The If you have a buddy that is expecting you to show up at the gym then you are going to do whatever you can to get there as you don’t want to let your buddy down. Its an odd personality trait however, most people are less inclined to let down someone else as everyone worries about what other people are going to think about them. However when it comes to keeping ones self accountable we have no issues with letting ourselves down. We can alway rationalise the situation to make it seem ‘not so bad’. If you can’t find yourself an accountability or training buddy then set yourself up with an EXCELLENT Personal Trainer, who cares about how they can best help you and will stop at nothing to help you to achieve the goals you have set yourself…. We know of a few ?

IN SUMMARY Going on holidays shouldn’t set you back from your health and fitness goals. If going on holiday has helped you to realise that your body isn’t in the shape that it once was or the shape that you would like it to be, then take the necessary steps to move yourself in the right direction. If you aren’t sure where to start, these 4 steps should start you off nicely

If you are too busy and are looking for a training, nutrition and support program to help getting into shape through the initial stages then look into Trifusion’s 6 Week ‘Summer Shred’ Body Transformation Program

You can check it out at the Link Below

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will be posting up some actual sessions that we do while on holiday to help you to ‘minimise the damage’ that you can do when you are on holiday.

The Most Important Step You’ve Missed for Fat Loss

I consistently feel conflicted about sharing weight loss articles with you.

I come from a strong stand point that our body does NOT define who we are. That our happiness is absolutely NOT determined by how we look and that HEALTH, definitely doesn’t look a certain way.
In saying this, as a nutritionist, personal trainer and advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I truly believe that being at our healthiest weight is not only important for our physical health but also mental and emotional.

I’m not here to advocate weight loss, I’m here to share my knowledge and experience and perhaps give you a small piece of insight into creating a life (and body) you love.

My fitness studio is currently amidst a 6 week Transformation Challenge. A challenge with the goal of, well transformation, but also of implementing real lifestyle changes to carry on into LIFE, well beyond the 6 weeks.
But it’s had me thinking… A number of clients have spoken to me about what it would take to truly transform their bodies.
Sure, there’s motivation in a regimented and supported challenge, however many of these clients have been training in the studio, some for a number of years, and still aren’t where they want to be physically.

Perhaps you’re in the same situation? You’ve been training for a while, but really, aren’t in the body you imagine you should have for the work you put in.

So you want to get leaner?

To be transparent, so do I. I mean, I’m pretty happy with how my body sits these days, but let’s be honest, there’s always room for improvement. Even inside of the self-love movement, where yes, I wholly and completely appreciate my body for where it’s at, however I’m not sure there are many people out there who would truthfully say they don’t care about how their body looks. And if there are, I’d doubt they’re reading this article.
Also, caring about the way you look (and FEEL), doesn’t make you a bad person you know!

My body journey has been a tumultuous one. Weight up and down and all over the place, this diet, that diet, exercise addition, detoxification addiction, fasting, starvation, binging, emotional eating and even a stint with bulimia.

Perhaps you can relate to this ‘mess’?

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of research around fat-loss and realised that you actually don’t need to know every trick in the book to get the basics right. However, the basics are a little more involved than what we just eat and how we move.

These are my top tips for fat loss, that will work for anyone, but from personal and professional experience, they are especially true for women wanting to let go of extra body fat and create their dream body (and life).

Maybe that’s you?

1. Get clear on your goal

Be specific about it. Some wishy-washy, far off, abstract suggestion, will not do. Lose weight is not specific. Be exact about what you want to achieve, and by when. Decide on how you will measure your progress and how you will reward yourself with stepping-stone markers along the way. Personally I don’t like the scale and think it’s a misleading way to measure progress, you might instead want to choose an item of clothing. I would also recommend against using food as a reward, but rather to choose things like massage, new trainers, a book etc.

2. Know your WHY

This is perhaps the key to it all.

You will never achieve any goal in life if you don’t know why you want it.

Wanting to look hot, impress others or to simply convince yourself that you’ve ‘made it’, are not reasons for creating change. Your why is about why this goal is truly important to you.

I recommend doing some writing/journaling on this question.

Ask yourself why it’s important, why it’s really REALLY important.

Be real with yourself.

Get to the core. If there is no core, maybe it isn’t really that important and that’s ok. Then it’s better to stop fighting for something that deep down, you don’t really care about and will therefore never actually reach. Instead, focus your energy on things you would truly die for.

You’ll likely find that your deeper why isn’t about weight at all.

3. Nutritional success

Perhaps as a nutritionist I’m biased, but next after getting clear on your goal and why, you need to set yourself up for nutritional success. If you need help on what to be eating, then you should seek that advice, but at a basic level, choose clean proteins, good fats, lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Knowing what to eat and actually eating it can be two different things, however if you don’t know where to start with the right kinds of foods, you need to get informed.

4. Move. More

Weight train at least twice per week, preferably 4. If you want to include cardio, short interval style training 1-3 per week are ideal.

Include yoga, relaxation or stretching once a week, this can even be done at home. Weight training and intervals are the two best ways to work with body composition.

In saying that, the best kind of exercise is the one you’re actually going to do. If you love Zumba, do that.

5. Supplements for fat loss

There are a lot of supplements (and a lot of scams) out there and the short answer is that if they truly worked, diet and exercise would be irrelevant, right? The things to know is that you have to get diet, exercise and mindset right first! There are a few supplements I do recommend, for example omega 3 fatty acids, but be careful about what you buy. Many brands are heat treated and already rancid sitting on the shelf in the pharmacy.

Other supplements can be effective on a per case basis, as of course every body is different. As a blanket rule, I would stay away from anything off the shelf that is telling you it’s the “number 1 fat-loss supplement”. They don’t exist and can be extremely dangerous.

6. Digestion and detoxification

The number 1 supplement for fat-loss is actually a really boring one – it’s water. Our bodies are made up of toxins. Ideally your diet is full of fibre from plenty of vegetables, but water is key to help move the fibre through and sweep out all the toxins! To ‘detox’ you need nutrition (food and a high quality food-based multivitamin) but you also need water to actually help remove the toxins from the body. This might by one of the most effective ‘secret’ fat-loss weapons out there.

7. Rest

A lack of sleep and too much stress cause a rise in the stress hormone cortisol, which causes an increase in fat storage, particularly belly fat. This is among many, MANY other detrimental effects of high cortisol levels. You can’t be burning the candle at both ends and expect to look (or feel) your best.

8. Consistency

The people who achieve lasting results aren’t always the people who know the most. They are the ones who are consistent. Consistency depends little on motivation or discipline, but all on knowing your ‘why’ and being clear on your goal. Go back to point 1 & 2. When you have these two things in place, you’ll find that consistency becomes automatic and effortless.

9. Mindset

This is the most important aspect when it comes to fat-loss, especially for lasting results.
If you believe you will achieve the results, guess what? You will.
Unfortunately most people who wish to change their bodies never take the time to set a specific goal or to figure out their underlying motivation and as a result, have no true emotional connection to making the change a reality.
Pair this along side many common beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy” and it will simply be impossible to achieve any goal, no matter how well you follow the nutrition and exercise rules.

Here’s the thing…

You CAN be, do and have anything you want in your life.
You ARE good enough.
You deserve nothing but the best in life, simply because you were born to live an incredible life.
Not a single one of us was born destined to be unhappy, mediocre, overweight, broke, miserable.

We are born to be incredible.
To change our lives and the world around us.

YOU are born to be incredible.

Changing your body begins in your mind. It begins with a decision that is definite and committed. But you have to have the mindset and belief to keep the ball rolling.

How do you build the mindset?
Simply choose.
Simply decide right now to start believing you are good enough. Worthy enough.

It’s that simple.

Notice I didn’t say easy.

Writing it down and saying it aloud will speed up the shift in your mind, and you don’t even have to believe what you’re saying to yourself at first, but you do have to start affirming it.

You’ll notice that the things you believe about yourself, are the things you constantly tell yourself.

“I’m not good at this”, “I can’t do that”, “I never do this thing”…

What ever you tell yourself enough, you will believe.

So instead –

Every day saying things to yourself like “I am good enough”.

“I am worthy”

“I deserve this”

“I choose foods that nourish me, make me stronger and healthier”

“I am getting fitter every day”

I promise you, if you take one thing away from this post, make it this –

Get your head right, and the rest will follow.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve had it with what you’re doing (or not doing), and know something needs to change, be it around your movement, food or mindset, then send me a message to find out more about how I work with my clients to help them create a life and body they love.

I currently have 3 spaces that have opened up to work with me one-on-one through my Strong Mind, Strong Body program.

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready for;

  • More energy
  • Feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin
  • Putting the lid on sabotaging behaviours around food and self talk
  • Building strength and flexibility


Ultimately, you KNOW you were made for more than what you currently have –

Send me message and let’s discuss the best option for you.

Perhaps you have the training down pat but need some help with food, or maybe you feel like food is under control but have no idea where to start with exercise…
OR – You feel like you have the food AND exercise under the thumb but can’t seem to crack your goals – I’d suggest this is the mindset area!
Programs are available face to face in Bayside, Melbourne and online.

As always, thank you for reading. If you know someone who would get value from this article, please share it across.

Liora Levin
0418 144 420
Nutritionist (BHSc.) | Personal Trainer (CPT)

Note From Trifusion Fitness – While Liora is a qualified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, it is her dedication, support and overall uplifting personality that sets her apart. Liora’s ability to inspire those she works with to believe in themselves is what facilitates amazing results.

If you are struggling through your own fitness journey, we couldn’t recommend Liora more highly. Get in touch and sit down and have a chat. We can all do amazing things with amazing people in our corner!

How Group Training Can Pull You Out Of A Slump!!

The Benefits Of Exercising in Groups – Even Trainers Suffer from bouts of Winter Motivation Loss

Lately I have been joining in on Saturday’s group sessions. This has been for a number of reasons, but the main one being I have lost the motivation to train by myself on a weekend. I lose interest quickly and definitely do NOT push myself as hard as I could or should.

During the week I am fine, I train with Jono every day. We train toward a plan and stick to regular routine. Even still, we both have days where we quite simply Can’t be F**KED . It’s on these days that we take a step back and let the other program, plan and Push the session. Once we get started we don’t stop until every rep is completed. It’s like having a personal Trainer……Wait… No… that’s exactly what it is!!

I can guarantee that if I were training solo on these days I would be less likely to start, let alone get through a 2km Rowing Time Trial at the END of a solid weight Session, which has somehow crept its way into the end of our weight sessions… Sound Familiar.

Back to Saturdays group Session. It was probably somewhere between Pete and Jonny kicking my ass in a corner Sprint one week and Eliza and Graham making me grab a heavier sandbag during weighted step ups the next, that I started to think there really is something to be said about Exercising in a Group.

The right people can really lift your intensity and get you to push far beyond what you normally would if you were to train by yourself.

I have been completely buzzing off the last couple of weekends so I thought id write this blog to help people who are either thinking of joining a group training program or are on the fence to make their mind up one way or other. On the other hand for those of you ALREADY training in groups you can read how I feel they best benefit you, and how you can hone in on some of these qualities to further your own training.

So lets get cracking:


How many times have you decided. ‘Right this is it; I’m getting in shape. I’m sick of the way I look/feel and I’m going to make a change!’

Sound Familiar?

So you join the gym, or you pull on the runners and you get to work.

Things go well for the first week or two, your exercising 3-4 times per week and your telling everyone who will listen that things are going well and they should take a good hard look at the new, fit and healthy YOU! It’s literally happening before their eyes.
Nutrition wise it’s starting to turn as well. You’re opting for salads instead of burgers and chips. It makes sense, you just did 400 burpees last week in Luke’s Hard abs Fast Hearts session (according to Jonny) why would you choose to unravel all that good burpee-ing with a burger. Perish the thought!

Flash forward 2 – 3 weeks and what happens? It’s getting harder to get out the door and exercise; some of your old vices are creeping back into your diet. A chocolate here, hot chips there, the weekday Vino or Beer.

It’s starting to unravel…where did it go wrong…. You have lost the motivation. You’re quite simply BORED!!

Don’t stress, you’re not alone, it happens to most… Even us trainers.

However, as trainers we long ago discovered a training and motivation Hack that keeps us moving forward even when the bighting cold of winter hits and the mornings are dark and the nights are wet (very dramatic I know)

This little training hack is as simple as it is effective.

Surround yourself with people who are going to keep you moving forward. Train with people who are always going to be there and are going to keep you accountable. That’s what a good training buddy/group does.

We see it during the sessions in at the Trifusion studio. Smaller groups within the group that pushes each other and motivates each other to get to each session. Then when they are training they vibe off each other to keep working as hard as they can. Success in numbers. It works!!

Trifusion Group Training Tip: Try and align yourself next to some fitter people within the group. I know this goes against every fibre in your body when you first start out. However, if you want to learn good technique and be pushed to train harder it makes sense to learn from the best and the fittest!

I recently recall Dan telling me after one of the Saturday sessions “I hate going in a group with you, but when I do I definitely train harder” I chose to ignore the first part and focus on the second. I’m pretty sure it was meant as a compliment.


As humans we are all social butterflies. When we are younger, most of our activity revolves around running around with friends and doing stupid things that generally raise our body temp and keep us physically fit. Have you ever stopped to watch young kids running around and playing games? They don’t stop. Not only do they have endless energy they tend to get their bodies into positions or movement patterns that would send many of us into hospital or at least screaming for a physio.

As young humans we are introduced to team sports and again most of our activity is dictated by the sports our friends play. Many of us are into these activities for the social aspect rather than the activity itself. However, whatever the motivation was, these activities kept us physically fit and weight in check.

As we get older, life gets in the way. We don’t have time to be running around with friends as we now have JOBS! We can’t go and play football or netball as we now have KIDS. These rather inconvenient ‘necessities’ in life tend to take over and in contrast our activity levels have dropped.

It now makes sense that we should indulge our social side when it comes to exercise. It worked when we were younger, so it should work now as well. Its far more enjoyable when you walk in the door of a place where you know the people you are training with and the Trainers know your name.

Trifusion Group Training Tip: If you are new to a group training program and want to maximize your enjoyment at a session, put yourself out there and introduce yourself to a couple of people within the group each time. Before long you will have built a social group and they will keep you in check and motivate you when you go through the tough slumps as we all inevitably do.


We see this as being a massive bonus to training in groups. Often we as individuals have no problem letting ourselves down. Over time we have become well adjusted to rationalising anything so as not to make us feel too bad about it. So often when we are training alone and something comes up that may impede our ability to train, we can rationalise it any which way we like, the result being that exercise is quickly thrown on the chopping board.

Now throw a friend, family member, or trainer in the mix and things become totally different. All of a sudden its not just me I’m letting down its my buddies. It’s the guys I’m training with. I’m going to have to explain why I didn’t make my training session next time I see them. All of a sudden it’s not so easy to skip training. Why is that?? This is quite simply because you have added accountability to not only your trainer, but also other members of your group training program. This becomes evident in our LBC and HIIT sessions and even more so in our Group Personal Training programs such as the Lean Ladies Program and Men’s Strength Program. When you start to train with the same people over and over you generate a support network that creates added accountability.

Trifusion Group Training Tip: Find someone that you see often in your group training sessions. Ask them to be your accountability partner. This doesn’t mean you need to have specific meetings or even catch up on the weekends. Simply tell them which weekly sessions you intend to make each week and have them hold you accountable if you don’t make them


When you have the right mix of an uplifting trainer with a good-sized group of members training, the session takes on a certain energy that is hard to avoid. Now, I’m not talking about the ‘Ora’ kind of energy and flow of earth meeting wind and fire and tapping into the natural energy of your surrounds. I’m talking about when you are in the middle of a training session and the music is pumping and the people next to you are giving their 110% effort it becomes difficult to ignore and we end up putting in a similar effort. We see this so often in partnered superset sessions when you are paired up with another member of the group and you literally share each other’s effort. Its infectious.

When we train alone and we are in a bit of a funk and every exercise and set seems like a chore the training session can seem like they last for an eternity. You don’t work as hard as you should and you spend more time finding ways to procrastinate than to actually train. I’m sure many instafit sessions are actually like this. 5 squats, 10 pushups 300 selfies.

Trifusion Group Training Tip: If you ever find yourself struggling to find the right energy within your session, try and group yourself with people who you know are just buzzing. As they say, a smile is contagious. The same goes for someone’s training energy.


In my opinion the basics of training are still the best in terms of results. That being said, repeating the same program over and over and over is eventually going to become tired and boring. It is no wonder why many people who struggle with motivation to begin with, join a gym, get a gym program written for them, follow it to the letter for a month or so then eventually let it fade.
We are so spoilt for choice in our every day life that it is only normal to expect it from our training programs as well. While Group training can follow similar structures or muscle splits, a good program will always be different and keep you guessing. Many exercises may show up week in and week out in order to allow us to build strength in those lifts, however there is such a wide range of supporting exercises in a good personal trainers repertoire that literally every session can have variety.
A great Group-training program will always have variety in intensity, exercises and structure. This variety not only serves to keep members entertained it helps to never hit plateaus

Trifusion Group Training Tip: You have to do nothing different than showing up on this one. The Trifusion team prides itself on providing great training programs with variety in exercises, intensity, tempo and structure. These differing sessions will keep your body guessing and continue to show results.

So guys, if you are currently training in a group I hope you are having the same feeling during and post training that I currently am. If you are new to joining in on group training I hope the tips at the end of each section will help you to maximise your experience. If you haven’t yet experienced Training with a personal trainer or a group training program and you are in a bit of a motivation funk, I hope I have been able to lift the veil on what may seem to be a daunting task.

If you would like to find out specifically about Trifuion Fitness’ Group Training program, we are located at 837 Nepean Highway Brighton. Feel free to pop in for a trial session or contact us through our website www.trifusion.com.au/contact or similarly through our facebook page www.facebook.com/trifusionfitness

Written by Scott Eastgate

Director @ Trifusion Fitness


note from the writer: Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. I promise, what I may lack in these areas, I make up for in training ability.

10 – NO B*LL S#IT Ways To Help Lose Weight & Tone UP!

Diet less – Yep we’ve heard them all. ‘Hey have you heard of the Ronald McDonald diet? My friends, sister’s uncle’s postman did it and he lost 75kilos in 6 weeks. So he wakes up grates a lemon over iced toilet water with a splash of Tabasco every morning and then heads straight to McDonalds and can eat anything he wants to lose weight. The weight just falls off…. Lets Do IT!!”Don’t be lazy, there is no magic pill or crazy quick fix diet that will reverse what you’ve been doing for the last 5-10+ years! Suck it up and work hard. It will take time.In our personal opinion the term ‘Diet’ is BULLSHIT! It indicates a start and an end of putting hard effort with lots of sacrificing to create a result that you will end up reversing when you go back to old ways of eating. A Diet is something you never intend on maintaining so you should anticipate not being able to lose weight and maintain the result you achieve. Forget the term diet. Go on a nutrition overhaul where you will develop better eating habits that you intend to stick to for the rest of your life!

Get more sleep – Get off your phone, stop checking Facebook and read a book. Lights out @10pm max!

Cheat meal – This is a strict REWARD for working so hard (nutrition and training) throughout the week. It is not an excuse to go crazy and does not last the whole day or weekend. One meal. Got it, good!If you don’t think you can trust yourself to stick to 1 cheat meal. Reward yourself in some other way, a massage, a movie, pedicure, sauna the choices are endless.
Drink plenty of water– Yes you’re going to find yourself at the toilet a whole lot more. The 3+ Litres we should drink per day does a good job not just keeping us from dehydration but it cleanses our insides!

Eat 5 times a day – Yes, this sounds like a full time job but it’s only really, 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day. Just remember to eat every 3 hours. If you have to put an alarm on to remind yourself to eat do it!

KICK the bad habit! – Don’t lie, we’ve all got at least one! Wether it’s nutritional or slacking away in the gym on your phone or cutting reps when you should be pushing through. Aim for small changes. Set a date to eventually kick your bad habit for good! You’re only cheating yourself.

Eat breakfast – Don’t skip it. EAT! Something healthy each morning is good habit and a good way to kick-start your metabolism each morning. If you’ve got kids, set an example for them, think brain food and set your day up. You wouldn’t send the kids to school with no breakfast. So don’t do it to yourself.

Don’t starve yourself (this also relates to #5) – Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll lose weight, the less you eat the worse it is for your body, especially if you are working out like a trooper. You are only robbing yourself of the necessary nutrition for your body to function at its highest ability, both physically and mentally.
In regards to weight loss, if you think you are going to do it through starving yourself, all you are going to do is slow down your metabolism, which will in turn cause your body to put on weight quicker when you finally do eat. Not ideal when trying to lose weight! This is why #5 is so important, maintain a healthy metabolism by eating healthy snacks/meals every 3 hours!

Sit down to eat and relax – Turn the TV OFF. Talk to your housemate/family or friends while you eat. If you eat too fast your brain won’t register that its full, therefor we keep stuffing our faces before it’s to late. Listen to my grandmother; sit down, sit up straight, relax and concentrate on eating your food properly!

Resistance Vs. Cardio – A good mix of resistance training and cardio is perfect. However if we could only pick one to focus on we would choose Resistance training. 30-45 minutes of resistance exercise 3 times a week performed correctly at the right intensity, is a great way to see results. The more, strong, lean muscle you have on your frame, the more calories you expend doing normal day-to-day tasks. If you can have your body burning more calories at rest you are on a faster track to losing weight.

Apply one of these ten steps (above) to your everyday life each month for ten months. Give it a go and more importantly stick with it. Just remember everyone is different, (change is around the corner)!

If you’d like to know a few more secrets or talk further, feel free to contact me at the Trifusion Studio;

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Jonathan Lynch

Creating Habits That Stick

There’s been a lot of change in my life over the last few months…

Living situation, location, career, friends, relationships, health, training… in fact, I’ve created change in almost every area of my life over the past 12 months.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve started to feel like the water I’m treading is slowly getting deeper and deeper and my feet are slowly getting further from the ground.

I have to give myself credit – objectively, I am doing well. I am taking everything in my stride and trying to be as patient as possible with learning new skills, but there have been a number of days of late, where I’m aware of that familiar sense of feeling ‘out of control’.

I’m well practised with how it goes, having spent a lot of my 20’s in a place of overwhelm and anxiety, but over the years, I’ve also learned to become aware of it quicker and quicker, before it gets to the ‘place of no return’.

There are a few red flags for me, that when I start to see these things happening, I know it’s time to stop and slow down, and consider what I need (or don’t need).

They’re different for everyone, but for me, I start to notice that everything begins to feel urgent, or already overdue…

I feel like I never have enough time for everything that needs to be done…

My chest feels tight and my breathing gets shallow through most of the day…

My self-care becomes lax… I get lazy with preparing the food I want to eat, I stop planning my training and kind of just hope that it will work out when I feel like it…

I fall out of contact with my friends because it feels too difficult…

The other thing I have recently started to notice is that even before that creeping feeling of overwhelm starts to set in, my ‘well-being habits’ fall by the wayside.

Over the years, I’ve had many ‘coping’ mechanisms. Some positive and some not so positive… Although in saying that, even the not-so-positive ones serve a purpose. Perhaps an article for another time…

What I want to look at here, however, is how the mechanisms, or daily habits that we have, really are at a core level, the most important things in our lives.

  • The things that have us win…
  • That has us connect…
  • Succeed…
  • Survive…
  • Thrive…

Here’s what I mean…

I dare suggest that one habit most of us have mastered in our adult lives is brushing our teeth. It’s not something, hopefully, that we need to think about. We’ve spent so many years practising this habit, day in and day out, that it’s become second nature.

We know that if we want good dental hygiene, to prevent cavities, ensure healthy gums etc, then we have to brush our teeth. We do it at least twice a day and it’s a positive habit we don’t even think about.

Really, at the core of it, it’s the habits that we have created for ourselves, that determine what our life looks like…

However, often we seem to get this around the wrong way and think that it’s the things that we do sometimes, that are going to impact our lives…

Take any goal… Let’s say “to be healthier”. This is a bit abstract, but to be honest – I probably hear it 9 times out of 10, from the new clients I take on in both personal training and health coaching.

What does this actually mean?

We all kind of know what we should be doing, right? But for the things that we want in our lives, it actually takes creating daily habits that become so ingrained, we don’t even think about them anymore. This is what creates a lifestyle.

So how do we actually create, implement and commit to positive habits?

So… To be healthier…

One may:

  • Eat breakfast every day…
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day…
  • Move their body every day for at least 30 minutes…
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep a night…
  • Consume at least 5 serves of vegetables…
  • Include protein with every meal…

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

For anything we want in life, it’s the habits that we have, on a DAILY basis, that gives the outcome.

For someone who wants to be healthier, if they were to eat chocolate once a week, that’s not likely to impact their overall goal… however, if they were to eat chocolate every single day, it’s going to make achieving it more difficult.

The same goes for positive habits…

Exercising once a week will make it very difficult to become healthier, however, 30 minutes every single day, will create the kind of life you want.

The list above may resemble your New Year’s Resolution list…

How has it gone so far?

If well, that’s great!

If not… here’s what I would suggest…

The thing with change, particularly including and taking on new positive habits, is that it takes time…

We can’t expect to start something new and have it feel comfortable right away…

It will definitely feel strange!


If you’ve never practised meditation before, it’s going to feel strange. Really damn strange!

The other thing is, without getting too technical, when we start doing something new, our brain gets confused. As humans, we’re wired to recognise patterns. This is the reason it’s so difficult to break the habits we don’t want. We can feel really motivated for a while, but essentially, the brain is comfortable with patterns and will naturally want to bring you back to what it knows… like eating chocolate every day. There’s an element of sugar craving, but there’s an even bigger element of habit and pattern.

So any new habit is going to feel strange in the beginning. It’s unfamiliar and the brain doesn’t like change.

These are a few things that I’ve come to learn over time…

Get really clear on what you want to introduce

It needs to be specific – eg, I will walk every morning at 6am for 20 minutes

Simply wanting to ‘be more active’, isn’t going to cut it – what does that mean?

Introduce one new habit at a time

Give yourself at least 21 consistent days for a new habit

The more new things you have to try and remember and practice, the harder it will be

Be consistent.

Do it every single day. Whether you feel like it or not. Our emotions are really clever at getting in the way and our head will quickly talk us out of things and back into the things that are familiar. If you’re clear that this new habit is positive and contributing to something that is important and of value in your life, the key is consistency.

Be gentle with yourself.

Acknowledge every single win, no matter how small, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right every single day. You are introducing something new and you need time to integrate. Your brain needs to time grow familiar and you need to find a place for where this new habit fits best in your life.

When a baby learns to walk, it doesn’t fall over once and says, ‘well fuck that’… I’m no good at walking so I’ll just give up…

Give yourself a break!

Know that you’re starting something new and that it will take practice. Know that it’s the small pieces, every day, that will get you to where you want to go.

For me…

It’s taken me a number of months (even years in some cases) to slowly integrate the positive habits that give me peace of mind, have me feel grounded, on top of things and ultimately out of that state of overwhelm.

The two habits that have had the biggest impact on this stage of my life are meditation, even if only for 5 minutes a day, and writing. I journal gratitude and actively ‘write my reality’ into existence every single day.

I have to admit, I have been inconsistent with both of these habits over the past few weeks, so it’s really no surprise to me that I’ve been noticing those familiar old feelings creep back in.

So you as my witness, I’m being gentle with myself, acknowledging my awareness and small wins, and committing to caring for myself in the ways that I know works for me.

What are the habits that you want to introduce into your life?

Be gentle, have patience and watch your whole world transform.

Liora Levin
0418 144 420
Nutritionist (BHSc.) | Personal Trainer (CPT)

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