So these questions are really common within our industry and they are often ones that are over complicated, especially if you are just your average Joe or Jane who is wanting to be a little fitter, drop a little bit of weight and has no aspirations of representing their country in the Olympics or the Hawaiian Ironman

So in the spirit of the mini blog, I’m going to provide a few drops of knowledge for you to add to your morning coffee.


I heard an interview recently with a well position bodybuilder and trainer who nailed this response when asked this very question. The answer was as simple as it is correct.
Answer – “The One You’re Actually Going to Do!!!!!”


If you are just starting out your journey and you hate running, don’t run. There are plenty of other options for you, lift weights, swim, Ride, Pilates, Play a sport. Find something you mildly enjoy and do it regularly. In the beginning, it’s more about the quantity and frequency than the type of exercise

Side note: Because I know all the exercise science and fitness gurus who just read this choked a little on their coconut turmeric lattes.
Once your goals become a little more specific then your training will need to become more specific, and so too does your volume of training.

So this brings us to the 2nd Part of the Question


This is a really loaded question as there are so many variables. It depends on what type of exercise you are doing, what your goal is that you want to achieve, as well as the intensity of the exercise. If you are weight training, how much time is actually spent lifting and how much of it is setting up the lighting for your next Instagram post.
Let’s just say that most people are overestimating the calories they burn each session and are undershooting their volume of training. If you want to achieve any significant results regardless of weight loss, muscle gain or performance-based, generally, more is better. If you are like the many people out their following all the Instafits out there that say they achieved the body they have now from only 7-minute workouts or strictly diet based, I can let you in on a little secret. They are full of shit. They may maintain their fine rig with shorter sessions, however, they got to where they are by putting in the work.
Take home note for anyone starting out with Trifusion Fitness or any other training.

1. Don’t overestimate the amount of work you are doing. If you are expecting massive results in short amounts of time off a mere 2-3 sessions a week, you are going to be a little disappointed at the end.

2. When you start training, become regular. Set yourself a goal of attending 4-5 sessions per week, EVERY WEEK for the next 6-8 weeks. You will find it tough to begin with however it will get easier each time and you will achieve lasting results that you can be proud of.

3. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are on your own journey. Who cares if it takes a little longer than the next person. If you stick with it and put in the work you will only move yourself in the right direction.

4. WORK! WORK! WORK! when you are training. If you are getting the reps and sets done easily on a certain exercise, it is time to increase the weight. BE honest with yourself. Are you actually pushing yourself as hard as you need to be or you could?

As always if you have any questions. keep them to yourself we aren’t here to help you at all …. no wait the opposite.
Come see us, call us,text us follow Jono home at night and knock on his door at all hours. We are more than willing to help. If ever things become overwhelming or you feel like it isn’t ‘working’ sometimes a quick 10-15minute chat can put things in perspective and get you back on track. I know a few current members who we have gone through this recently and they are now kicking goals again.

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