Lean Legend Of The Month – Roberto


It’s Now 7am Thursday and we have just completed Robertos 4th Training session for the week @ Trifusion Fitness HQ (837 Nepean Highway Brighton).

30 minutes of solid Strength training. Robertos session entailed a tally of:

  • 120 squats @45kilos, 150 pushups chest to fist depth
  • 75 Bench Dips, 100 Squat hops.

It amazes me what this guy can Monster in 30 minutes of training. Every session is full of sweat and sometimes even tears  but Roberto gives it 110% with every session he does. Be it a 30 minute strength PT session, or an hour Group Fitness Session at 6am, Roberto enters with the same enthusiasm and pushes himself to reach his goal. His aim is to be stronger and fitter than his teenage sons. (of which I’m pretty sure he would now give a run for their money)

Roberto started Training with Trifusion Fitness in July 2014 (9 months ago since writing this). When we started Roberto was experiencing the pains and frustrations of being overweight and out of energy. Roberto had tried to lose weight once before however a back injury that has plagued him for years brought the journey to a halt shortly after starting. You wouldn’t know it by watching the man train however, Roberto was almost bed ridden due to a major spinal injury he suffered when back in Italy. It wasn’t until 6 months after the initial injury that doctors told him he needed surgery to remove part of a bulging disk. This led to 5 years of a tough recovery. With the drop in activity came the weight gain and all of the problems associated with it. However, to his credit he didn’t let his back problem get the better of him. With his injury in mind we strengthened his core and with tweaks to his diet he managed to shed the excess weight. Now 12.6kgs lighter than he had originally been and with the core strength of a 25 year old Roberto has often told me how amazed he is that he doesn’t experience back pain. He is one of the the most active, and and as you can tell by the photos, a most Lean Trifusion Legend!!!

We salute you Roberto, we thank you for the energy you bring to the Trifusion Fitness Sessions and we know your story will inspire others who are struggling to find a starting point in their own weight loss journey.

If you are looking to shed a few kilos or have ever wanted to be leaner, stronger and fitter, yet aren’t sure exactly where to start. Email us at info@trifusion.com.au and come in for a Free Health assessment. If we can’t help you out we will at least point you in the right direction.

Yours in health,

Scott Eastgate – Trifusion Fitness Trainer

9557 7676

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