Part 3: Nutrition

Trifusion Pinnacles Of Success

The final part in our 3 part blog series on how to achieve FAST and LASTING health and fitness results focuses on nutrition.

  1. Stick To A Plan: We’ve developed our Trifusion meal plans specifically to build lean muscle and drop body fat. It is the cornerstone to a successful program. The members who read over the meal plans and stick to them achieve the best results time and time again. Know exactly what you’re going to eat for the ENTIRE DAY, BEFORE it begins. When you plan for a good day of eating, you’re far less likely to stray. You should know exactly WHAT you’re eating, HOW MUCH, and at WHAT TIME you’re eating it.
  1. Eat Less Sugar: Yes we’ve all been reading about it and hearing people talk about it since the success of ‘That Sugar Film.’ However, how many of us are actually rethinking that muffin or couple of squares of chocolate? Those little percentages can destroy your chances of shedding the kilos. High sugar meals don’t make you feel full like a high protein and fiber meal. A high sugar meal will cause an insulin release within the body that will result in your body storing fat.
  1. Eat More Protein And Fibre: Protein is the building block of lean muscle, whilst high fiber foods keep us feeling full for longer periods of time as they regulate blood sugar levels and the rate of digestion.
  1. Eat Smaller Meals, More Often: If we eat smaller meals throughout the day, chances are we won’t overeat when we sit down to our ‘main meals.’ By eating more regularly we keep our metabolism firing throughout the day.
  1. Drink More Water: When we’re training heavily, often 2 liters isn’t enough. However, many of us struggle to get that in. Don’t fall into the trap of mistaking thirst for hunger. Have a big glass of water before and after a meal. This process will help keep you hydrated throughout the week.
  1. Consume Less Alcohol (None If Possible!!): Alcohol is a leading cause of obesity. The reasons are numerous, however, the main ones are:
    a) Alcohol must be metabolized straight away which means that once consumed, your body stops metabolizing fats, which means you start to store them instead.
    b) Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. So some equivalents are as follows:
    – 1 spirit and Coke = 1 blueberry muffin
    – 1 pint of beer = 1 slice of pizza
    – 1 glass of wine = 1 slice of cake
    – 1 frozen margarita = 1 cheeseburger
    As you can see, if your goal is to lose weight you aren’t helping yourself by consuming alcoholic drinks in the process.
  1. Embrace Sunday Cookups: If you’re looking to stick to a plan with your eating, food prep is the key to success. There is none better than the Sunday cook up. Cook a few meals that you can portion out to take to work during the week AND have in reserve for those evenings when you don’t feel like cooking. A big pot of chili will last the week, as will a big batch of chicken stir-fry. These meals can be easily reheated.

Remember, when you have ALL 3 of the Trifusion Pinnacles Of Success working in perfect harmony, the results are not only guaranteed, they are accelerated, continuous, and LASTING!


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