The Trifusion Pinnacles Of Success


With the sun peaking through and the temperatures rising, that ‘summer feeling’ is definitely in the air. If you’ve been hibernating over the colder months and haven’t really committed to regular exercise and healthy nutrition, you may be left scrambling to remove your winter coat as summer fast approaches.

With this in mind, and with the ‘6 Week Summer Shred Challenge’ only days away, we’re going to outline our most VALUABLE tips to achieve FAST and LASTING results. This will be a 3 part blog series, split into the most important aspects of achieving lasting results. When you have all 3 of these working in perfect harmony, the results are not only guaranteed, they are accelerated, continuous, and LASTING! These three aspects are the Trifusion Pinnacles Of Success: MOTIVATION (Mindset), EXERCISE, and NUTRITION.

Motivation (Mindset)

  1. Set A Goal: sure you know WHY you’re training, by knowing exactly WHAT you’re working towards. If you have a weight loss goal, how much weight are you aiming to lose?
  1. Be Realistic: Make sure your goals are realistic, whilst also still challenging. If you have 10 kilos to lose you aren’t going to aim to do that in 3 weeks, as it’s unlikely to happen and would be an unsafe speed to lose the weight. You‘re likely to burn out and be disheartened if/when you don’t accomplish the goal. Having said that though, you shouldn’t give yourself too much time to achieve a goal. When you give yourself too much time you give yourself more opportunity for excuses. When setting a weight loss goal, if you’re sticking to a plan and really looking after yourself, losing 500g to 1kg per week is safe, manageable, and maintainable.
  1. Verbalise Your Goals: If you keep your goal to yourself you’re far less likely to hit it. It’s funny that most of us have absolutely no problem letting ourselves down time and time again, yet most will bend over backwards to not let someone else down. Try verbalizing your goals to a family member, friend, or even your trainer. If you make it known what you’re trying to do then you’re more accountable and you’ll feel like you’ll be letting these other people down if you don’t stick to your plans.
  1. Understand Your Motivators: This is very important. These are the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. Let’s be honest, things will get tough. There will be times when staying in bed will be far more appealing than getting out to train. There will be times when you’ll want to give in to temptations like chocolate and pizza. However, if you understand your motivation for losing weight or building more muscle or becoming leaner, then you’re far more likely to make the right choices. Motivation can stem from many things such as a health scare, a competition, a breakup, clothes not fitting, or always being sick. Whatever your motivator is, it’s important to identify it.
  1. Embrace Your Motivation: No matter what your motivator is, you need to embrace the way it makes you feel. Become emotional about it. It may sound silly, but the better the connection you have to these motivations and the more you embrace them the more you can draw back on that feeling when the times get tough. If you’re a competitive person and you’ve made a bet with a mate, no matter how hard the training gets or no matter how tempted you are, the feeling of winning this competition will help you make the right decisions. If you have a weight loss goal and your turning point was when you couldn’t fit into your favorite dress or jeans, then that feeling of disappointment or sadness becomes your strongest tool. When embraced, that feeling is far worse than any amount of burpees!

Stay tuned next months for part 2: EXERCISE!

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