“When opportunity knocks…literally.”

“When opportunity knocks…literally.”

One late afternoon in May 2012, my doorbell rang whilst I was in my garage and unable to properly hide from whoever it was that had the audacity to show up unannounced. It was also the day of the Prince concert and I had heard that back in Minneapolis he often went door knocking as part of being a Jehovah’s Witness, so on the off chance his purple highness was waiting to preach to me I decided to investigate.

It was not Prince.

Instead, a young man by the name of Jono greeted me asking questions about… gyms and exercising?!?! Whilst making sure I didn’t actually roll my eyes, I kept thinking “omg how do I tell this dude he’s picked the wrong crowd?!”

In short, Jono and his best mate/business partner Scott were pounding the pavement at the onset of winter, signing up clients for their new venture: Trifusion Fitness. Look, I respected their work ethic, their trial package was extremely generous, and to be honest I didn’t have much else going on at the time so YOLO etc. I figured if I didn’t like it, at least I’d get some exercise in over a month or two. 

First Ever Trifusion Voucher in 2012

Well, it’s May 2019 and it turns out the girl who was a self proclaimed non gym person/definitely not a morning person is in fact very much a 3 times a week, morning gym person and has been FOR SEVEN YEARS!! WHO KNEW!!

What’s so remarkable about all of this? I reluctantly joined a gym. So what? 

Like many people, I never imagined I’d feel comfortable in a gym setting, what with all the beautiful bodies, selfies, and discussions of meal prep. These things sounded terrible and terrifying. My meal prep consists of me making sure I have enough chocolate for after dinner before I pour a glass of wine before dinner. 


Upon reflection however, my fear of being judged was resulting in me doing exactly the same. I assumed that gyms were places where my lack of a 6 pack and zero knowledge of words like “burpees” “mountain climbers” and “kettle bell” meant I would be laughed at.

How wrong I was. Jono, Scott, and their team are welcoming and encouraging. Of course they push you hard and hold you accountable for the goals that you set for yourself, but they do so with empathy. They have created a warm and inclusive community of diverse clients, and an emotionally safe space where many of us often feel at our most vulnerable. 

They make an effort to get to know everyone and connect with us outside of #legday and #gainz, as well as making both group and personal training sessions…. dare I say it… FUN!!!???! 

not sure how this photo passed the editor.

And so the lesson here is definitely NOT “always open your front door to strangers y’all!” but rather, always open yourself up to the possibility that the things you are most afraid of are the very things that will bring much needed positivity and motivation into your life.



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