Shea Gribben

shea gribben

Sport, health, nutrition and fitness have always been a massive part of my life and something I’m really passionate about. I was first made to take far more notice of my own health and nutrition at the age of 14, when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Having to learn and understand how to manage my bloody sugar levels, by carefully watching what I eat and how much, was a real learning curve for me which has taught me a lot about nutrition and how it can hugely affect your health and fitness, and life overall!

I love my footy and am a keen cricketer. I’m a pace bowler specifically for the St Kilda Cricket Club in Victorian Premier Cricket. This has lead me down the path of coaching, and learning all about the necessary physical preparation for my sports performance. I spent a couple of years at the Cricket Victoria Fast Bowling Academy, where I really developed a love for fitness, and gained valuable knowledge of gym programs and exercise as well as how to train specifically towards my goals. Recently having played a summer of cricket in the UK for 6 months, where I was personally trained during my stay, my passion for the fitness industry and guiding others to achieve what they’re after has only become even greater!

Whether your goal is weight loss, building strength and muscle, improving sports performance, or just to improve your everyday life and feel good – I will specifically tailor your workouts for the results you’re after, guiding you and monitoring your ongoing progress throughout your fitness journey! I’m excited about helping you in achieving your fitness goals.