Group Training Program

Try just one of Trifusions Group Training classes and you will never look back!

With over 10 different types of classes from Monday to Saturday, we take the guesswork out of your training and guarantee that you get the result that you are after.

Our classes are never the same and will always challenge you, from beginner to advance our group training classes aim to educate and see results in as little as 7 days.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you find gyms intimidating?
  • Would you like to get fit or take your fitness to the next level?
  • Are you sick of the same old exercises over and over in your current group classes?
  • Are you Stressed, unmotivated or have a few kilos to lose?
  • Could you use more energy during your day?
  • OR need that little bit extra advice in your nutrition?

With every class different from the next we make it almost too easy too get up and get to each session. Our classes aim to burn maximum calories and boost your metabolism so that your body works towards building lean muscle and stripping body fat long after you have left the studio. Each session is guaranteed to improve your cardio fitness, muscle tone, strength, endurance and best of all makes you feel awesome!

If you are looking to get started with group training then Trifusion Fitness is the place for you. Simply enter your details into the box provided and one of our Trainers will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

If you can’t wait that long to start becoming a stronger, fitter, healthier version of yourself, simply call us on (03) 9557 7676 and one of our Friendly trainers will get you started.

Enquire today and receive 5 delicious recipes to help you drop body fat and build lean muscle.