Lean Ladies Program

Tired of not achieving your Fitness and Health Potential?

Attention ladies of Bayside and surrounding areas!!

Check out how Krystal LOST 15.5kg and Vicki DROPPED 60.5cm!!

Trifusion Fitness is looking for 15 ladies for our lean ladies program who fit the following criteria – (for current members also!)

If you…

  • Are looking for a FLEXIBLE TRAINING PROGRAM that won’t impact an already busy lifestyle
  • Are sick of pushing past your favourite clothes that aren’t quite fitting anymore
  • Want a LEAN, TONED, and SLENDER physique
  • Want to learn how to eat your favourite foods and NOT GAIN WEIGHT
  • Want to commit to setting a healthier example for family and friends
  • Want to have the fitness to be able to do the things you love, long into your older years
  • Are bored of your regular gym workouts
  • Want to join an energetic group of ladies who will share in your achievements and inspire you to be STRONGER and FITTER

And if you’ve decided that this summer you WILL be confidently strutting a LEANER, HEALTHIER, WELL DEFINED PHYSIQUE then this program is EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!

Either private email us or follow the link below to inquire:



  1. You will receive the highest quality training with not 1 but ALL of our TRIFUSION FITNESS TRAINERS.
  2. You will Receive 1 x 45 minute personal Training Sessions per week.PLUSUNLIMITED access to ALL of our Group Training Sessions (22 Sessions Across the week)
  3. You will follow our weight loss specific Lean Ladies Body Meal Plan.
  4. You will have a weekly check in with your Trainer
  5. You will be Joined by a small group of ladies who share your goals, are like minded and willing to succeed
  6. We will not only show you how your body changes by taking your girth measurements, we will also show you how your fitness has improved by running you through our fitness assessment.

SIGN UP WITH A BUDDY – and BOTH receive a FURTHER $100 Discount

If you have ever wanted to experience a program that covers all aspects needed to drop weight, tone the body and boost energy levels then this is it. The successful ladies will not only experience a dramatic physical change but they will also learn the following:

  1. Important exercise fundamentals for weight loss and strength gains
  2. The MOST EFFECTIVE training methods to burn body fat and build lean toned muscle
  3. Critical nutrition tips to maximize exercise gains and boost energy levels
  4. Most Importantly will share in our Passion for Health and Fitness and Find out why we LOVE this style of training so much and how we can MAKE EXERCISE ENJOYABLE

If this sounds like you or you found yourself nodding along, all you need to do is fill in your preferred details in the contact form and one of our friendly trainers will be in touch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Lean Ladies Program Is Suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS (even no fitness level)

If your still not convinced that this is the program that is going to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle check out some of the Lean Legends who have been through the program recently.

Enquire today and receive 5 delicious recipes to help you drop body fat and build lean muscle.