Men’s Lean Muscle Building Program

Tired Of Hitting The Gym Or Lifting Weights At Home And NEVER SEEING RESULTS?

Trifusion Fitness is looking for 10 guys who…..

  • Want to Build Lasting Lean muscle
  • Want to Drop Body Fat and Create Muscular Definition
  • Want to Increase the size of their Chest Shoulders and Arms
  • Want to Turn Heads at the Beach for the RIGHT REASONS
  • Want to uncover their ‘Hidden’ Abs
  • Tends to focus all of their time and energy on work and family and have let their body suffer because of it.
  • Doesn’t have hours each day to spend at the gym
  • Can Follow a ‘Done For You, Muscle Building Program
  • Wants to Learn the best Nutrition to be able to EAT MORE and STILL DROP FAT.
  • IS Ready To Start seeing RESULTS NOW
  • Can Commit to following our Tailored Lean Body Meal Plan
  • Is Not Afraid of a little hard work to be able to succeed


  1. You will receive the highest quality training with not 1 but ALL of our TRIFUSION FITNESS TRAINERS.
  2. You will Receive Tailored 45 minute personal Training Sessions Plus 30 minute HIIT Cardio Sessions per week.PLUS UNLIMITED access to ALL of our Group Training Sessions (22 Sessions Across the week)
  3. You will follow our Lean Muscle Building meal plan
  4. You will have a weekly check in with your Trainer
  5. You will be joined by fellas who share your goals, are like minded and willing to succeed
  6. We will not only show you how your body changes by taking your girth measurements, we will also show you how your fitness has improved by running you through our fitness assessment.

The Men’s Lean Muscle Program is aimed at increasing muscle size and strength whilst also dropping body fat to make sure we create muscular definition not just mass. All of this is achieved without sacrificing personal cardio fitness.

Each session has been meticulously designed by Professional Trifusion Fitness Trainers in order to maximize the time available in each session so that you leave with the maximum pump for each muscle group worked.

Our Specifically tailored program covers a break down of Hypertrophy and Strength Training.

You are not only GUARANTEED RESULTS, you will also learn the fundamentals of lifting weights to:

  1. Increase strength,
  2. Increase Size,
  3. Increase Metabolism
  4. Increase power output.

You are not only going to finish this program in immaculate shape, you will also leave with the knowledge of:

  1. How to structure effective targeted resistance programs.
  2. The most effective muscle splits for a weeks training, how different sets and reps will produce different results.
  3. The importance nutrition plays in muscular growth and recovery.
  4. Most importantly, HOW and WHY we love this training so much, and in turn how to make each gym session enjoyable.

The body you have doesn’t have to be the one you live with. If your not happy with your body this is the START you have been after.

Limited Spots Available So Inquire Now.

If your not 100% satisfied that we can help you to achieve a stronger leaner physique then just take a look at some of the testimonials.

These are Real Bayside Fellas, No airbrushing, No Photoshop, just genuine RESULTS.

Enquire today and receive 5 delicious recipes to help you drop body fat and build lean muscle.