Strength and Conditioning Program

Are you sick of the same old tired gym workouts?

Do you head to the gym and spend more time walking around looking at the equipment than actually using it?

Are you Trying to Lose weight by doing Only Cardio Sessions?

Do you have a strength or fitness goal in mind yet no idea where to start?

Trifusion Fitness Have Helped Hundreds of people just like You!

Trifusion’s strength and conditioning programs are specifically tailored to your fitness level, your lifestyle as well as your time constraints. We make sure you can achieve a strong vitalized body while not having to give up all the finer things you have become accustomed to, which means no restricted diets that will leave you starving.


Your current training program consists of entirely cardio i.e running, spin, swimming, etc.

Your weights training consists of using whatever piece of equipment is free at the time you head to the gym.

If you don’t train with a goal.

If you don’t feel like your getting the attention you need in the current classes that you are attending.

If you are having doubts about your current training to any degree.

Even if you know the importance of strength training yet don’t know where to start.

  • Build strong, lean and toned muscle.
  • Drop body fat from the stomach, thighs and other problem areas.
  • Boost energy levels.
  • Sleep like a baby (and we don’t mean those newborns that are waking many of you up each night).
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Feel Happy and accomplished that you are using your body the way it was meant to.
  • Enjoy fitness.

Will I end up becoming like the rock or Arnie if I lift weights?

For Men – Strength training is tailored for the individual, Unless amazing size is your goal, you will not train to achieve it.

For women – Without the necessary testosterone levels, it is near impossible for you to be bulking up. Rather the ladies will develop lean and toned muscle.

Why Should I Lift Weights?

The body was made to move around and be mobile. In today’s sedentary lifestyles our bodies are not being strengthened the way that they used to. When we don’t strengthen our muscles they will eventually become weaker and deteriorate. The older you get the more problematic this becomes. Without a strong body, tasks like walking down the street become almost way too difficult. The kicker is the older we get the harder it becomes to build lean toned muscle, so a strength program is vital at an early age.

I am Training for a cardio event. Will a Strength Program help?

Most definitely. One of the most common mistakes is to either overtrain or only train in the field you are competing in. i.e. if you are training for a marathon one of the biggest mistakes is to only run. Only running will put a lot of stress on the legs. This is especially problematic if your legs were unconditioned in the first place. You are better off to start your training with a weight-bearing program to gain strength in your legs so that you will be able to maintain the long distance.

Will I enjoy Strength Training?

Strength training doesn’t just mean jumping on machines and lifting and moving weight. We can gain strength by using our bodies resistance, Resistance bands, Kettlebells, Suspension trainers the methods are endless and so is the variety of exercises. At Trifusion Fitness we make sure our sessions are enjoyable as well as result-driven. Once you see strength gains you will be HOOKED.

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