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Trifusion Fitness, Lean Body Specialists

We are not a Gym, we pride ourselves on being SO MUCH MORE!!!

Trifusion Fitness aims to provide a Fun, Friendly atmosphere where members Brighton, Bentleigh and the Wider Bayside community can come and share their fitness journey with each other trained professionals who know their name, and will go above and beyond to help them achieve their fitness goals. We will take care of your journey from the start, and not rest until we achieve it together.

Let us Help you Reach Your FULL POTENTIAL

Our Training Programs

No Matter What your goals are, Be it Weight Loss, Increased StrengthRehabilitationMobility or simply to join a funenergeticstress free community where you can train with flexibility and EnjoymentTrifusion Fitness has you covered! With a number of specific programs to reach every possible result or outcome we look at Specific training, Nutrition and Motivation to help make it a Fast reality.

6 Week Transformation Challenges

I need help losing weight. I want to be lean and toned!

Please help me!

Men’s Lean Muscle Building Program

I want to feel strong and healthy again!

Please help me!

Lean Ladies Program

I train better with like minded groups, however most of all I want RESULTS!

Please help me!

The Blog

The Trifusion Fitness blog is aimed at providing information that we believe can help our members to really understand their body as well as help them to stay motivated on their health and fitness journey.

We use this blog to share training tips, exercises that we are loving, Recipes that you will LOVE and any other tips we feel will help motivate you!!

If you enjoy what you read please share it on so that we can reach as many people as possible.

trifusion fitness image of relaxing in sun by pool with cocktail

Beat Post Holiday Blues by Getting Into Shape!

If you are like many who decided to flee Melbourne in this long unbearably cold Winter to head to the farer temperate areas of Sunny QLD or Bali, then you are probably now going...

Trifusion fitness lady performing military press with dumbbells

The Most Important Step You’ve Missed for Fat Loss

I consistently feel conflicted about sharing weight loss articles with you. I come from a strong stand point that our body does NOT define who we are. That our happiness is absolutely NOT determined...

Trifusion fitness two ladies, one on cycle machine and one on stepper

7 ways to stick to your New Year Resolution

Ok so it’s January! A New Year. YEOW 2017 is THE Year! Your pumped, you’ve given yourself the pep talk and your already picturing yourself in your new outfit, turning heads and receiving numerous...

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