About Trifusion Fitness

From its beginning in 2012 The mission of Trifusion Fitness has always been to provide a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels to be able to work toward and be given the support needed to achieve the health and fitness that they have long desired.

Trifusion Trainers have a laid back approach to their training, so while you will work hard in order to achieve your goals you won’t find any Drill Sergeants yelling and screaming for 50 more pushups or 30 more burpees.

It is our aim to educate and motivate our community to develop a lasting enjoyment of health and fitness and hence creating lasting results.

Trifusion Fitness Trainers are educated in looking at any fitness journey as more than just the specific and exceptional Training programs. The success of the Hundreds of Trifusion fitness members comes down to addressing what we see as the 3 KEY ELEMENTS of any successful weight loss or fitness journey.

It is these 3 elements that form the foundation of all Trifusions Fitness Programs and is what sets Trifusion Fitness Trainers above all others in Bayside. When training with a Trifusion Fitness Trainer we will address Specific and Targeted EXERCISE, NUTRITION and MOTIVATION to GUARANTEE you achieve the Result you are after.

Let us Dive a bit Deeper into these 3 Elements and give you some FREE Tips on each point that you can use AS OF THIS VERY MOMENT to SIGNIFICANTLY alter your health and fitness.