From its beginning in 2012 the mission of Trifusion Fitness has always been to provide a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels to be able to work toward, and be given the support needed to achieve the health and fitness that they have long desired. Our personal training, group classes and weight loss programs are ideal for anyone looking to take back control of their life

Trifusion Trainers have a laid back approach to their training, so while you will work hard in order to achieve your goals you won’t find any drill sergeants yelling and screaming for 50 more pushups or 30 more burpees.

Mens Strong and Lean Program

$ 100 / Testimonial cash back

Lean Muscle Building Program

We need 10 Men who

  • Want to build Lasting Lean Muscle
  • Want to increase the size of their Chest, Shoulders and Arms
  • Want to uncover their hidden Abs
  • Are available from Oct 12 – Dec 5
  • Can commit to 3 x 45 minute weight training sessions per week
  • Can follow our Lean Body Meal Plan
  • Are available in the next 4 weeks for a Free 30 minute assessment

The Lean Ladies Program

$ 100 / Testimonial cash back

Tired of not achieving your Fitness and Health Potential?

We need 10 Ladies who

  • Want to make a positively LEAN and LASTING change to their body
  • Who is time poor and doesn’t have HOURS each day to be exercising!
  • Is tired of jumping from fad diet to fad diet and never seeing results
  • Can train for at least 3 x 45 minute sessions per week
  • Can follow our healthy nutrition plan
  • Is available in the next 3 weeks for a FREE 30 minute training session

1 Week of Group Training

$ 25 / week

Trial Unlimited Group Personal Training For Only $25

Available Dec 1st to Mar 31st

Save on Group Training

  • 1 week of unlimited group personal training for only $25.
  • Come to as many sessions as possible
  • Get a feel for every session Trifusion Fitness has to offer
  • Reduced to just $25 from $59
  • Train with friends or colleagues
  • Get fit and social at the same time
  • Contact our trainers for availability