Jonathan Lynch

jonathan lynch

Ever since an early age, sport has been a passionate part of my life. From football and Cricket to Athletics and Triathlons, sport has always been in my blood. Every sporting activity I’ve been involved in, I’ve always endeavored to achieve the highest possible standard.

I pride myself on being professional, understanding and hard working to assist you in achieving your personal goals. Educating all clients is also a high priority of mine. Starting with your diet, motivating and corrective technique, I will strive to help you with your ongoing training ambitions.

I have a particular enthusiasm for weight loss goals and relish the opportunity to work with my clients on achieving realistic benchmarks. However, whatever your desires I am always looking for new and effective ways to help turn those goals into reality.

With over 15 years of competitive sporting experience and having spent 5 additional years abroad, I have been able to expand my knowledge within the health and fitness industry by experiencing first hand the different techniques practiced in the USA and Europe.

I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in achieving your health and fitness personal goals.