Scott Eastgate

scott eastgate

I am very passionate about health and fitness. Through my own experiences I know how much more enjoyable a healthy and fit life is. I love my job as a personal trainer and I thoroughly enjoy being able to share my experiences both in exercise and nutrition

I have always loved playing a range of sports from Football and basketball through to Tennis and even Golf. I enjoy finding ranges of specific exercises that can be beneficial in these specific fields.

With qualifications in Kettlebell training, boxing and resistance band style training. I utilise all of these aspects in my sessions to make sure each session is different and enjoyable as well as challenging. I have experienced the pains and frustrations of being an overweight child through to an obese younger adult and endeavour to help anyone overcome there own challenges.

Through proper nutrition and specific exercise as well as a strong change of mindset I was able to achieve a 35kg transformation. I don’t try to hide that part of my life; rather I draw from those experiences to help my clients to find their inner motivating force that will allow them to achieve similar results.

As one of the directors, I couldn’t be more proud of the fitness establishment that Trifusion fitness has become. Not only do we get to help the people of Bayside achieve their fitness goals, we have attracted some of the most amazing people it has to offer and this studio has become one of the most welcoming places for anyone to start a fitness journey.

If you are looking for motivation and support from one of the best team of trainers Melbourne has to offer then get in touch and experience a fit and healthy lifestyle for yourself