Training Programs

All of Trifusion Fitness’ specialised Accelerator training programs are designed with one outcome in mind. ACHIEVING RESULTS! We understand that not everyone is hardwired to LOVE exercise like the trainers at Trifusion. So the reason why our members start training with us, to begin with, is to achieve a desired physical outcome. Whether that be to lose weight, build muscle, improve their cardiovascular fitness, feel better in their clothes, the training and nutrition is merely the blueprint to achieve this desired result. If we aren’t achieving the result then we need to address why.

Trifusion Fitness training programs hold members accountable to their desired result. We outline exactly what we are trying to achieve BEFORE we set the program. We then take all benchmark tests and measurements so that we can show our members exactly how they are progressing and weather or not we are moving toward the desired result.

All training programs are specific for the individual. Matched with the right Food plan to help succeed and round the clock support from trainers who will go above and beyond to help make sure each Trifusion member not only enjoys the process but is met with the right outcome at the end.